WASD virtual keyboards

This NFT collection is created by Challenger Project - Casual Esports Platform


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We are proud to present a unique NFT profile pictures collection for video game players. With WASD virtual keyboard you can express yourself as a true hard-core gamer, who knows what these keys mean. There are 10.000 unique virtual keyboards in the collection. Each with distinct features like keys, backlight, font and some extras ;-).

Discover your favourite WASD keyboard

More than just a profile picture

You can use WSAD virtual keyobard as your profile picture in your social profiles. But there is more! WASD NFT collection gives a unique utility at CHLL.GG - WEB3 Casual Esports Platform. With WASD in your wallet you will get super cool bonuses at our esports platform!

The WASD team







Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy a WASD keyboard?

You can buy your WASD here using CONNECT WALLET MINT widget on top of the page.

What is CHLL.GG?

This is a casual esports platform build on blockchain.

What is Challenger Project?

This is the world-leading casual esports platform for games like League of Legends and Valorant. Check it out

Where can I use WASD as profile picture?

Each WASD is a FHD picture you can use in every social media profiles.

Can I sell my WASD an make some money?

Collection will be listed on OPENSEA. Each WASD is an NFT. You can sell it :-)

How can I join the WASD community?

Check out our links on top of the page.